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Rooftop Solar VS. Community Solar
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Rooftop Solar VS. Community Solar

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OPPD Compares Rooftop Solar and Community Solar

If you want to participate in a more environmentally friendly form of energy, solar is a great option. After all, the sun provides the cleanest source of energy available and doesn’t need to be mined, refined, burned or transported. And aside from the hardware and manpower needed to harness it, the sun’s energy is free.

But should you choose a rooftop solar system or a community solar program? Let’s compare the two and see which is right for you and your home.

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The Benefits of Solar Go Beyond Your Home

Cultivation of solar and other renewable energy resources in the U.S. helps our nation to be less reliant on global energy markets, protects us from unstable prices and supply disruptions, and supports jobs in the growing field of sustainable energy. All of these things make converting to residential solar energy worth considering. 

OPPD Initiatives Help You Go Solar

A local community solar program is part of OPPD’s mission to provide affordable, reliable and environmentally sensitive energy services to its customers. This mission includes an Integrated Resource Plan as a way of promoting a diverse energy portfolio.

One of OPPD’s most beneficial solar initiatives is net metering, currently available to customers with rooftop solar and other forms of self-generated energy. Net metering allows people to credit their excess or unused energy back to the OPPD grid at a specified rate.

What’s Next?

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