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Projects in your Neighborhood

Projects in your Neighborhood

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Underground Cable Replacement

As OPPD infrastructure ages, we want to continue to provide OPPD customers with the most up-to-date reliable service. All across the 13-county service territory, OPPD cable replacement projects are underway to make sure the power keeps flowing. Cable replacement is necessary because of damage by a fault, or due to the age of the cable in older neighborhoods. With the help of Nielsen Construction and Central States Contractors Inc., OPPD has replaced more than 300 miles over the past 3 years and plans to replace more this year. Vannguard Utility Partners plays a role in locating underground facilities prior to the cable replacement.

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What else are we doing?

High-Voltage Transmission Line Work

OPPD operates and maintains more than 1,300 miles of high-voltage transmission lines within our 13-county service territory. In order to ensure reliable delivery of electricity services to our customer-owners, OPPD conducts periodic inspections, maintenance and repair of our power lines, as needed. Occasionally, maintenance work may include relocation, removal and/or modification of existing transmission lines. OPPD takes great pride in meeting today’s energy needs, while planning and preparing for future needs.

OPPD’s electric system includes transmission lines (high voltages) and distribution lines (lower voltages) – both of which serve customers. Each type of line has its own characteristics and jobs. This video explains the difference between the types of power lines we use to deliver energy to our customers.

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Fiber Network Expansion

Technology is an ever-growing part of our everyday lives. That is true at OPPD as well. As utility technology evolves, OPPD continues searching for new ways to ensure we deliver affordable and reliable power to our customer owners. As part of that effort, OPPD is in the process of installing fiber optic cable for OPPD’s private use to connect important locations throughout our service territory. OPPD has contracted with Bauer Underground, Inc. and its sub-contractors to bury this fiber optic cable.

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Streetlight Conversion

In partnership with local Cities, Towns and Villages, OPPD began converting existing OPPD fixtures to LED technology. This upgrade not only reduces the power consumed by street lighting by almost 50%, it also improves driver and pedestrian safety, lasts 4 times as long as the existing fixtures, and reduces maintenance costs. OPPD initiated this project in February of 2019 with a 5-year completion window. With the help of our subcontractor, Superior Lighting, 77% of OPPD's system has been converted.

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Tree Trimming

Tree limbs that grow too close to - or fall down on - electrical lines can cause power outages and create a safety hazard. As part of our commitment to provide safe, reliable energy, OPPD contracts with Asplundh and Wright for tree-trimming. Both of these companies' crews work year-round to maintain safe clearances between trees and power lines. The terms of our service regulations allow OPPD and its contractors to access customers' property to trim trees and maintain lines to ensure safety and reliability.

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Equipment Inspections

OPPD has contracted with utility equipment inspection contractors to ensure the ongoing commitment to safety and reliability of OPPD equipment.

Transformer Inspections: JACO Construction, Inc. and SCS Engineers perform maintenance and inspections on transformers throughout the district. These inspections are being done on approximately 12,000 OPPD transformers installed before 1990. If a transformer needs to be replaced, impacted customers will be notified through the OPPD planned outage notification process prior to work beginning.

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Surface Mounted Equipment Inspection (SMEI):
OSMOSE Utility Services, Inc. inspects and remediates underground padmount equipment to maintain safety and reliability, and prolong equipment life. This includes leveling, painting and inspecting the equipment inside and out.

Ground Line Inspection and Treatment (GLIT): OSMOSE Utility Services, Inc. performs ground line inspections and treatment (GLIT) for wooden poles. This program extends the life of the utility pole, avoids outages and identifies maintenance needs.

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Preformed Line ProductsAerial Inspections: Preformed Line Products (PLP) is a contractor of OPPD. PLP uses an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) – more commonly known as a drone – to perform periodic aerial inspections on OPPD’s electric system including high-voltage transmission lines, distribution lines and/or substations. Aerial inspections include assessment of the condition of the electric facilities including poles, wires, insulators and hardware.

Other Work in Your Area?

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