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Economic Development
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Economic Development

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Helping Your Business Grow

We want you and your business to thrive in Southeastern Nebraska, where reliability, affordability, and renewability meet. With low rates, reliable service, a diverse generation mix, and expertise in renewables—there’s no better place to break ground or set up shop than right here.

We are extremely passionate about our communities and we firmly believe that an investment in you is an investment in our state and our future. In exchange, we offer you an environment ripe for business development, with a huge number of built-in resources and advantages.

Business Services 
Community Services

Serving Your Needs

Our economic development team will help you find the right site for your business expansion or relocation. We’re your resource for anything from site-location assistance to questions about the business climate to identifying solutions to your energy needs.


Meet The Team


Finding A Site Or Building

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We use LocationOne Information System (LOIS) to help you find the best location for your business. LOIS is recognized as Nebraska’s one-stop property locator, highlighting the most comprehensive information on available sites and buildings.

Available Sites

Available Buildings





Getting Started

To schedule a consultation with our Economic Development team, enter your contact information here. We'll reach out to learn more about your business needs and energy questions.

Keeping Rates Low

OPPD rates are far below the national average. Use our rate calculator to determine your estimated annual energy cost and average cost per kilowatt-hour. 

We are dedicated to keeping power affordable for companies that want to do business here. Our rate riders help customers meet renewable energy goals and allow us to offer customized discounts. One of the greatest advantages of being a customer-owned utility (operated by a publicly-elected board of directors) is that our electricity rates are based solely on the cost to provide service, not the financial interests of stockholders.



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