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Doing Business In Nebraska
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Doing Business In Nebraska

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The Good Life

Our state – and the southeastern region especially – is prospering. For decades we’ve been known for our consistently growing economy and low cost of high-quality living. We offer up easy access to broad markets. We bring an unparalleled work ethic to an inherently business-friendly climate.

OPPD’s service area is an incredible place to live, work, and do business. Our region boasts a strong infrastructure, drive for innovation, and higher education facilities that make us an ideal location for businesses to grow and develop. Our location in the central U.S. has many advantages over coastal locations.

Trucking Days MapTransportation and Logistics

  • Dual rail access to OPPD's Arbor Rail Line - OPPD owns 56.4 miles of the Arbor Rail Line, which connects with Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific. The Arbor Rail Line exhibits a unique opportunity for location or expansion for new and existing businesses.
  • Central location in North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) corridor
  • Foreign Trade Zone #19 in Omaha
  • Direct flight access - Omaha’s Eppley Airfield offers 150 flights a day to nearly 20 cities across North America, including 17 non-stop cities
  • Major transportation access to Interstates 29 and 80


With an average annual temperature of a moderate 51 degrees, power cost savings and reduced risk of outages are built into the landscape. We’re lucky to have a low risk of natural disasters (no hurricanes or earthquakes), as well as an abundant water source – we have more groundwater than any other state.

Raw Materials

We have an abundance of natural resources as well as easy access to raw materials. Our combined production of corn, ethanol and livestock has become known as Nebraska’s “Golden Triangle.”


We’re home to diverse carriers (40+) with multiple POPs; 100+ Gig local and long-haul connectivity; and, with dark or lit fiber network connectivity, you’ll keep your costs down and your productivity up, year-round. Plus, Omaha boasts multiple private telecom networks for secure, lightning-fast telecom delivery.

Additional Advantages

  • Excellent schools and universities: More than 106,000 college students are enrolled across 25+ colleges and universities within a 60-mile radius of our service territory
  • Innovative hospitals and medical centers
  • Affordable housing and low cost of living
  • Competitive tax incentives