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Momentary Outages
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Momentary Outages

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Lightning strike photo

Causes range from weather conditions to turning on a hair dryer

At OPPD, we're doing everything in our power to keep your electric service as dependable as possible. You can also help avoid many of the problems caused by momentary outages by taking some precautions in your own home or office.
  • Have home or office wiring checked to make sure you have proper grounding. "Stray" voltages should go into the ground, not into your computer or home appliances.
  • When purchasing digital clocks, video recorders, microwave ovens and appliances with programmable timers, consider models that have a battery carryover or backup.
  • During lightning storms, OPPD's Surge Guard service can help protect sensitive, solid-state equipment such as stereos, DVD players and computers. 
  • A time-delay relay connected to your air conditioner will prevent it from starting for three to five minutes after a momentary power interruption, thus minimizing possible damage to the compressor.
  • When working with a personal computer, save information to permanent memory storage regularly throughout the day. This will help minimize the loss of information should a momentary outage occur. If you use a personal computer, you may want to consider OPPD Surge Guard Protection.

For further information, contact an OPPD customer service representative by emailing, or call 402-536-4131 from the Omaha area or toll-free 1-877-536-4131 from outside the metropolitan area.