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Residential Surge Guard
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Residential Surge Guard

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Enjoy peace of mind with surge guard protection

Triple protection for $6.99/month. 

Get protected from the unexpected.

OPPD's Surge Guard Program protects your electronics and appliances from damage caused by power surges. While large surges can cause catastrophic damage, small surges over time can create damage that can shorten the life of your valuable equipment. Protection backed by a $50,000 repair or replacement warranty. 

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How does it work?

Device installed at meter, phone box and cable box. Stopping surges before they run through your home, causing damage. Saving you from replacement or repairs of qualified equipment. Backed by a $50,000 repair or replacement warranty.

Surge Guard Features

  • Protection for your covered electronic equipment: computers, laptops, stereos, TVs, phones, garage door openers, furnace, air conditioner and appliances (even hard-wired ones). See list of covered items here.
  • Triple protection against electrical surges at your home’s wired entryways: electrical meter, phone box and cable box.
  • $50,000 repair or replacement, up to $5,000 per item. See program Terms & Conditions.
  • Cost: $6.99 a month, conveniently added to your OPPD bill.
  • Installation will be handled by a Surge Guard technician and you do not need to be home during the install. A $20 installation fee applies. Additional charge for installations that require an electrician.

Click below to learn more about power surges and how you can become protected:

Still have questions? The Residential Surge Guard FAQ may have the answer.

Click here to enroll now in OPPD's Residential Surge Guard Program

Contact Information

If you have questions, call OPPD at 402-536-4131 or you may email

Also Available: Commercial Surge Guard

Power surges at your business can short-circuit productivity and profits. OPPD’s Commercial Surge Guard Program is designed specifically for businesses, and starts at $9.95/month.