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Save Money, Save Energy
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Save Money, Save Energy

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Energized to save? Say no more.

Nine simple ways to save.

OPPD's Power to Save Program boasts nine simple ways to save energy and money. Upgrade your A/C, schedule an HVAC tune up, enroll your smart thermostat to reduce energy consumption and keep costs low. And more. The power to save is yours.

ENERGY STAR Rebates: Save energy with your everyday appliances. Contribute to a greener future and receive up to $400 in rebates from OPPD when you upgrade. Click to learn more.    Smart Thermostat: Upgrade to a smart thermostat and enroll with OPPD. We’ll even pay you to save energy. How cool is that? Click to learn more.    HVAC Smart Rebates: Wanting or needing to replace your A/C unit? Efficiency is the name of the game. And it pays you back in more ways than one. Click to learn more.HVAC Smart Rebates - for Multi-Family: Make your property more attractive by upgrading the HVAC system. Energy efficiency is a great selling point, and it reduces overhead for rentals.  Click to learn more.    Cool Smart Program. Don’t have a smart thermometer? Don’t worry. You can still save energy and lower your costs. We’ll show you how. Click to learn more.    HVAC Tune Up Rebates: Keep your A/C unit healthy and get cash back for doing so. Win-win. Click to learn more.CHPH Rebate: Make your home a high performer. Lower your carbon footprint, save energy and earn up to $250 in OPPD Rebates. Click to learn more.    Weatherization Rebates. Discover the path to a cozy home, lower energy bills and sustainable living. Receive up to $1500 in rebates from OPPD on energy-efficient windows and insulation upgrades. Click to learn more.    Electric Lawn Rebates: Make an eco-friendly, tangible impact and enjoy both savings and peace of mind, knowing you're lowering carbon emissions and contributing to a healthier planet. Click to learn more.

Looking to fund your energy efficient project? Learn how with a low-interest Dollar and Energy Saving Loan.

The power to save is yours.

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