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Products & Services
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Products & Services

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Greener Together Program

Greener Together icon

Join the program that connects community members and supports green initiatives. The Greener Together Program gives every member of the OPPD community a voice. LEARN MORE

Save Money, Save Energy

OPPD's Power to Save Program provides simple ways to save energy and money. Upgrade your A/C, schedule an HVAC tune up, enroll your smart thermostat, or invest in ENERGY STAR® appliances to reduce energy consumption and keep costs low. LEARN MORE

Residential Surge Guard

Home surge iconOPPD's Residential Surge Guard can prevent damage to your electronic equipment, and it's backed by a $50,000 repair or replacement warranty.

Electrical Line Protection Plan

Electrical Line PlanThe failure of an electrical line can leave you without power and with costly repairs. OPPD's Electrical Line Protection Plan from HomeServe helps protect from the cost and hassle of emergency repairs.