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Board Meeting Schedule & Minutes

Board Meeting Schedule & Minutes

Board meeting in person photo

The next Board of Directors meeting is Thursday, Nov. 18, at 5 p.m. and will be held at the Legislative Chamber at the Omaha-Douglas Civic Center, 1819 Farnam St., Omaha Neb., and also via Webex Events audio/video conference.

Virtual attendance is strongly encouraged for physical distancing. (See Webex instructions below) 

November Meeting - Webex Event Instructions (pending)

When it’s time to join, please click this link: 

If you experience difficulty entering the meeting, visit, and use the information below to join:
Event Number: 2466 912 1670
Event Password: Oct2021

When joining, you will be prompted for your name and email. This information is only used to identify you as an attendee. If you do not wish to identify yourself, please use the following:
     ~ First Name: Public

     ~ Last Name: Attendee
     ~ Email:
Note: If you wish to make comments when public comments are allowed, you will be requested to identify yourself for the public record. 

If you want to join the meeting via Telephone only:
     ~ Toll Free: 1-844-621-3956

     ~ Access Code: 2466 912 1670
     ~ Press # to continue without an attendee ID. 
When connected, you will be in listen only mode. Directions for public comments will be provided at the beginning of the meeting.

If you have trouble joining the WebEx Event, please visit the WebEx Help Center: 

How to use WebEx for Public Attendees

Videos of board meetings are archived and available for viewing on YouTube. Please direct questions or comments regarding live streaming or video archives to this form

2021 Board Meetings Schedule

December 16*

* In-Person Meeting. All in-person meetings will be held at the Legislative Chamber at the Omaha-Douglas Civic Center, 1819 Farnam St., Omaha Neb. Meeting start time for in-person meetings is 5:00 p.m. The public may also attend meetings virtually through WebEx Events.
NOTE: Dates, times and locations are subject to change. All meeting information will be publicly noticed in advance of the meeting.

2021 Minutes and Supporting Materials

Board Agenda
Resolution 6462 - SD-12: Information Management and Security Monitoring Report
Resolution 6463 - North Omaha Station Unit 4 and 5 Burner Replacement: Engineer’s Certificate to Negotiate
Resolution 6464 - Jones Street Station Exhaust Stack Replacements: Engineer's Certification 
Resolution 6465 - RFP 5911: Steel Structures
Resolution 6466 - SD-7: Environmental Stewardship Monitoring Report
Resolution 6467 - SD-13: Stakeholder Outreach and Engagement Monitoring Report
Resolution 6468 - CFO Appointment and Compensation Approval
Resolution 6469 - Resolution of Appreciation for M. J. Fisher, Vice President of Energy Production & Nuclear Decommissioning
Resolution 6470 - Resolution of Appreciation for M. L. Sedky, Vice President of Human Capital
President's Report
Presidential Award for Jené Reese

Board Agenda
Resolution 6459 - SD-10: Ethics Monitoring Report
Resolution 6460 - Appointment of Troy Via to Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Utility Operations and Compensation Adjustment
Resolution 6461 - 2021 Expenditure Approval Increase
President's Report
September Minutes

Board Agenda
Resolution 6448 - Approval of New Retirement Fund International Equity Manager
Resolution 6449 - SD-9: Resource Planning Monitoring Report 
Resolution 6450 - RFP 5895: 161-13.8-13.8kV 56MVA Transformer 
Resolution 6451 - RFP 5896: 161-13.8-13.8kV 75MVA Transformer 
Resolution 6452 - North Omaha Station Auxiliary Boiler: Engineer’s Certificate to Negotiate 
Resolution 6453 - Nebraska City Unit 1 Air Heater Basket Materials: Engineer’s Certificate 
Resolution 6454 - Cass County Unit 1 and Cass County Unit 2 Direct Air Injection: Engineer’s Certificate to Negotiate Materials and Services 
Resolution 6455 - Revision to Corporate Officer Compensation Adjustment: J. A. Comstock, Vice President of Customer Service
Resolution 6456 - Appointment of Interim Chief Financial Officer
Resolution 6457 - Rate 483 Net Metering Limit Increase to 100 kW
Resolution 6458 - Public Board Meeting Mask Policy
Electric System Evaluation & Modernization Strategic Initiative Update
July 2021 Storm Outages and Response: Initial Report

Watch as we recap the historic July 10, 2021 storm that left more than 188,000 OPPD customers without power.
President’s Report
August Minutes

Board Agenda
Resolution 6437 - SD-15: Enterprise Risk Management Monitoring Report
Resolution 6438 - Annual Health Plan Report
Resolution 6441 - Rate Design Changes to Rate 110M, 469W and 483
Resolution 6442 - Underground Streetlight Cable Repair Contract
Resolution 6443 - Substation Control Building Enclosure
Resolution 6444 - Foundations, Ductlines, and Miscellaneous Work for 161kV Substation
Resolution 6445 - SD-2: Rates Monitoring Report
Resolution 6439 and 6440 - Authorization for Additional Debt Financing (pending)
Resolution 6446 - Corporate Officer Performance Reviews & Compensation Adjustments – J. A. Comstock, Vice President – Customer Service and L. A. Olson, Vice President – Public Affairs
Resolution 6447 - Appreciation Resolution for Tim Burke

The Board and employees at OPPD thank Tim for leading the company and wish him well in retirement. 
Customer Engagement of the Future Strategic Initiative Update
President's Report
June Minutes with Attachments

Board Agenda
Resolution 6431 - SD-3: Access to Credit Markets Monitoring Report
Resolution 6432 - Sale of Real Property Located at 602 East 1st Street
Resolution 6433 - Exchange of Real Property Located at 9090 South 180th Street
Resolution 6434 - SD-7: Environmental Stewardship Revision
Resolution 6435 - Acquisition of Land Rights for Energy Delivery Infrastructure Projects
Resolution 6436 - CEO Selection: Appointment of L. Javier Fernandez as President and Chief Executive Officer
President's Report
May Minutes

May Special Meeting - CEO Finalist Meet & Greet
Meet & Greet Agenda
More information and documentation can be found on OPPDCommunityConnect
Special Meeting Minutes

Board Agenda
Resolution 6426 - SD-1: Strategic Foundation Monitoring Report
Resolution 6427 - Audit Subcommittee Charter Revision
Resolution 6428 - SD-4: Reliability Monitoring Report
Resolution 6429 - Amendment to 1990 and 1992 Decommissioning Trust Agreements
Resolution 6430 - SD-5: Customer Satisfaction Monitoring Report
President's Report
Board Minutes

Board Agenda
Resolution 6423 - SD-14: Retirement Plan Funding Monitoring Report
Resolution 6424 - Commercial Paper Program Expansion
Resolution 6425 - BRIGHT Project Approval: Engineer's Certification
President's Report
March Minutes

Board Agenda
Resolution 6420 - Board Standing Committee Assignments
Resolution 6421 - Spring 2021 Transmission Construction
Resolution 6422 - Power with Purpose – Procurement of Substation and Transmission Resources – Engineer’s Certification
President's Report
February Minutes

Board Agenda
Resolution 6417SD-6: Safety Monitoring Report
Resolution 6418Underground Concrete Encased Duct Line Installation
Resolution 6419Nebraska City Station Unit 1 Low Pressure Rotor Labor Installation – Engineer’s Certification
President's Report
January Minutes

2020 Minutes and Supporting Materials

Board Agenda
Resolution No. 6403 - Declaration of Anticipated 2021 Capital Expenditures Reimbursement
Resolution No. 6404 - Railroad Easement Acquisitions 2021 – 2025
Resolution No. 6405 - BL-5: Unity of Control Policy Refinement
Resolution No. 6406 - Bylaws Amendment – Meeting Schedule
Resolution No. 6407 - 2021 Board Meeting Schedule
Resolution No. 6408 - SD-8: Employee Relations Monitoring Report
Resolution No. 6409 - Retirement Plan Amendments
Resolution No. 6410 - 401(k) Retirement Plan Amendments
Resolution No. 6411 - 457 Retirement Plan Amendments
Resolution No. 6412 - 2021 Final Corporate Operating Plan
Resolution No. 6413 - SD-13: Stakeholder Outreach and Engagement Monitoring Report
Resolution No. 6414 - Corporate Officers Compensation Adjustments
Resolution No. 6415 - Resolution of Appreciation: Tim Gay
Resolution No. 6416 - Resolution of Appreciation: Anne McGuire
Workforce Transformation Strategic Initiative Update
President's Report
December Minutes

Board Agenda
Resolution No. 6399 - Nebraska City Station Unit 1 Condenser Retube: Labor Contract Award
Resolution No. 6400 - Sarpy County Station Unit 4B Engine Repair: Request to Negotiate
Resolution No. 6401 - SD-11: Economic Development Monitoring Report
Resolution No. 6402 - Corporate Officer Appointment
Technology Platform Strategic Initiative Update
President's Report
November Minutes

Board Agenda
Resolution No. 6395 - Nebraska City Station Unit 1 Deaerator Dome Replacement: Labor Contract Award 
Resolution No. 6396 - Nebraska City Station Unit 2 Reheater Upper Bank Replacement: Labor Contract Award 
Resolution No. 6397 - Jones Street Unit 1 Repair Parts and Services: Request to Negotiate 
Resolution No. 6398 - SD-12: Information Management and Security Monitoring Report
Electric System Evaluation and Modernization Strategic Initiative Update
President's Report
October Minutes

Board Agenda
Resolution No. 6391 - Nebraska City Station Unit 2 Cooling Tower Fill Replacement – Contract Award
Resolution No. 6392 - Revisions to Board Policies GP-4: Agenda Planning and BL-7: Delegation to the President and CEO
Resolution No. 6393 - SD-10: Ethics Monitoring Report
Resolution No. 6394 - SD-7: Environmental Stewardship Monitoring Report
President's Report
September Minutes

Board Agenda
Resolution No. 6387 - 345-161-13.8kV 300/400/500 (560) MVA OLTC Autotransformer
Resolution No. 6388 - Fall 2020 Transmission Construction
Resolution No. 6389 - SD-9: Resource Planning Monitoring Report
Resolution No. 6390 - Statement of Support and Appreciation for the Employees of OPPD
President's Report
August Minutes

Board Agenda
Resolution No. 6383 - Nebraska City Station Unit 1 Condenser Retube Materials Contract Award
Resolution No. 6384 - Nebraska City Station Unit 2 Mill Primary Air Expansion Joint Relocation Labor Contract Award
Resolution No. 6385 - Bylaws Amendment
Resolution No. 6386 - Annual Health Plan Report
Customer Engagement Presentation
Customer Engagement Video
President's Report
July Minutes

Board Agenda
Resolution No. 6376 - Rate & Service Regulation Manual Modernization 
Resolution No. 6377 - Rider Schedule No. 464 – Standby Service 
Resolution No. 6378 - Nebraska City 2 Cooling Tower Fire Protection Pipe Replacement Contract Award 
Resolution No. 6379 - SD-15: Enterprise Risk Management Monitoring Report 
Resolution No. 6380 - SD-2: Rates Monitoring Report 
Resolution No. 6381 - Assessment of Late Payment Charges 
Resolution No. 6382 - Statement of Unity Against Racism 
Income-Qualified Program Update 
President's Report
June Minutes

Board Agenda
Resolution 6372 - Retirement Fund Investment Manager Selection
Resolution 6373 - Sarpy County 2 Engine Repair - Permission to Negotiate and Award Contract
Resolution 6374 - Nebraska City 2 Reheater Upper Bank Replacement - Materials Contract Award
Resolution 6375 - SD-3: Access to Credit Markets Monitoring Report
Strategic Vision 2050 & Initiatives Update
Pathways to Decarbonization Program
President's Report
Fort Calhoun Station Final Spent Fuel Moves and Dry Cask Storage
May Minutes

Board Agenda
Resolution 6368 - Line of Credit Increase 
Resolution 6369 - Nebraska City Station Unit 2 Catalyst Replacement 2021 Materials Contract Award
Resolution 6370 - Suspension of the Assessment of Late Payment Charges
Resolution 6371 - Interlocal Agreement for Cooperative Use of the Wireless Area Network
President's Report
April Minutes

Board Agenda
Resolution No. 6366 - 161-69-13.8 kV (201.6) MVA OLTC Autotransformer
Resolution No. 6367 - SD-14: Retirement Plan Funding Monitoring Report
President's Report
March Minutes

Board Agenda
Resolution No. 6360 - 2020 Railroad Easement Acquisitions
Resolution No. 6361 - Underground Res. URD Contract
Resolution No. 6362 - 69-13.8 kV (28) MVA OLTC Transformer
Resolution No. 6363 - Board Standing Committee Assignments
Resolution No. 6364 - SD-4: Reliability Monitoring Report
Resolution No. 6365 - SD-1 Strategic Foundation Monitoring Report
President's Report
February Minutes

Board Agenda
Resolution No. 6356 - SD-6: Safety Monitoring Report
Resolution No. 6357 - Spring 2020 Fiber Optic Ground Wire Installations
Resolution No. 6358 - Engineer’s Cert NC2 DCS 
Resolution No. 6359 - Engineer’s Cert NC2 STG
President's Report
January Minutes

Guidelines for Public Participation

Open Meetings Act

The final agenda is typically prepared one week prior to the Board meeting. Except for emergency items, there are no changes made to the agenda later than 24 hours before the scheduled commencement of the Board meeting. Documents presented in open session at the Board meetings are available on the OPPD website and also may be inspected, upon request, at the office of the Senior Corporate Governance Specialist. OPPD requests that any member of the public wishing to speak at a Board meeting provide reasonable advance notice by contacting Maureen Hinners, Senior Corporate Governance Specialist, at 531-226-3208 or at Public comments will normally be heard before the Board votes on Board Action Items and at the end of each Board meeting.

All visitors to Energy Plaza should sign in at the Security Desk and receive a visitor badge before proceeding to the Energy Plaza auditorium for the Board meeting.

The Board may discuss one or more items in closed session as allowed under Neb. Rev. Stat. §84-1410. No votes are taken during a closed session.