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Board Meeting Schedule & Minutes

Board Meeting Schedule & Minutes

2019 Board1

The next Board of Directors meeting is Thursday, Jan. 16, at 4 p.m., OPPD Energy Plaza, auditorium, 444 S. 16th St., Omaha, NE

Videos of board meetings are archived and available for viewing on YouTube. Please direct questions or comments regarding live streaming or video archives to

Schedule and Minutes

2020 Board Meetings

February 13
March 12
April 16
May 14
June 11
July 16
August 13
September 17
October 15
November 12
December 17

2020 Minutes and Supporting Materials

Board Agenda
Resolution No. 6356 - SD-6: Safety Monitoring Report
Resolution No. 6357 - Spring 2020 Fiber Optic Ground Wire Installations
Resolution No. 6358 - Engineer’s Cert NC2 DCS 
Resolution No. 6359 - Engineer’s Cert NC2 STG
President's Report

2019 Minutes and Supporting Materials

Board Agenda
Resolution 6352
Resolution 6353
Resolution 6354
Resolution 6355
2020 Corporate Operating Plan Update
President's Report
December Minutes

Board Agenda
Resolution 6345
Resolution 6346
Resolution 6347
Resolution 6348
Resolution 6349
Resolution 6350
Resolution 6351
President's Report
November Minutes and Public Handouts

Board Agenda
Resolution 6343
Resolution 6344
Strategic Initiatives Update - Workplace Transformation
President's Report
October Minutes
Handout from Public 1
Handout from Public 2
Handout from Public 3
Handout from Public 4
Handout from Public 5
Handout from Public 6
Handout from Public 7
Handout from Public 8
Handout from Public 9
Handout from Public 10
Handout from Public 11
Handout from Public 12
Handout from Public 13
Handout from Public 14
Handout from Public 15
Handout from Public 16
Handout from Public 17
Handout from Public 18

Board Agenda
Resolution 6340
Resolution 6341
Resolution 6342
August 2019 Meeting Minutes (Revised)
Strategic Initiatives Update - Technology Platform
President's Report
September Minutes

Board Agenda
Resolution 6332
Resolution 6334
Resolution 6335
Resolution 6336
Resolution 6337
Resolution 6338
Resolution 6339
President's Report
Strategic Initiatives Update - Electric System Evaluation & Modernization
August Minutes
Handout from Public 1
Handout from Public 2
Handout from Public 3
Handout from Public 4
Handout from Public 5
Handout from Public 6
Handout from Public 7
Handout from Public 8
Legal Opinion

Board Agenda
Resolution 6329
Resolution 6330
Resolution 6331
President's Report
Customer Engagement Strategic Initiative
July Minutes

Board Agenda
Resolution 6325
Resolution 6326
Resolution 6327
Resolution 6328
President's Report
Strategic Initiatives Update
June Minutes

Board Agenda
Resolution 6322
Resolution 6323
Resolution 6324
Customer Programs Update
President's Report
May Minutes

Board Agenda
Resolution 6317
Resolution 6318
Resolution 6319
Resolution 6320
Resolution 6321 
President's Report
April Minutes

Board Agenda
Resolution 6312
Resolution 6313
Resolution 6314
Resolution 6315
Resolution 6316
President's Report
March Minutes

Board Agenda
Resolution 6306
Resolution 6307
Resolution 6308
Resolution 6309
Resolution 6310
Resolution 6311
President's Report
February Minutes

Board Agenda
Resolution 6302
Resolution 6303
Resolution 6304
Resolution 6305
President's Report 
January Minutes

Guidelines for Public Participation

The final agenda is typically prepared one week prior to the Board meeting. Except for emergency items, there are no changes made to the agenda later than 24 hours before the scheduled commencement of the Board meeting. Documents presented in open session at the Board meetings are available on the OPPD website and also may be inspected, upon request, at the office of the Senior Corporate Governance Specialist. OPPD requests that any member of the public wishing to speak at a Board meeting provide reasonable advance notice by contacting Maureen Hinners, Senior Corporate Governance Specialist, at (531) 226-3208 or at Public comments will normally be heard before the Board votes on Board Action Items and at the end of each Board meeting.

All visitors to Energy Plaza should sign in at the Security Desk and receive a visitor badge before proceeding to the Energy Plaza auditorium for the Board meeting.

The Board may discuss one or more items in closed session as allowed under Neb. Rev. Stat. §84-1410. No votes are taken during a closed session.