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Working With OPPD
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Working With OPPD

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What We Do

Growing Nebraska

We want your business to grow here. With cost-effective, innovative rate structures, superior reliability and a collaborative site selection process that involves us working with you from top to bottom, we think our 13-county service area offers a little of everything, in the middle of everything. That includes highly efficient and convenient transportation opportunities and the capacity for clean and renewable energy sources that make the area uniquely suited to long-term sustainable, affordable energy for your business. That means you get everything you need without compromise, and you never have to settle for anything less than just right.

Our Service Area
Why Public Power

Renewables: 2050 Goal of net zero carbon production.Renewables

We understand the need and desire for companies to work towards their renewable energy goals. OPPD is one of few utility companies that made long-term commitments for emission reductions, while increasing renewable energy access.

2050 goal of net-zero carbon production
Nearly 1000 MW of wind power in 2019

99.98% reliability for over 14 years outpacing the average reported by the American Public Power Association.Reliability

Nebraska ranks #1 in Power Grid Reliability among all States (U.S. News and World Report, 2018). 
99.98% reliability for over 14 years.*
*Outpacing the average reported by the American Public Power Association.



We offer low rates that beat regional and national averages. As a public power utility, our rates are based on the cost to provide service, not the financial interests of stockholders. Beyond these savings and built-in cost-conscious initiatives, we also offer innovative rate riders to achieve your goals. 

OPPD rates are far below the National average


2021 Top Utility for economic development
Recognized by Site Selection Magazine

2021 Top Utility Power Player
Recognized by Business Facilities Magazine

Our Services

From factoring in transportation access and availability of raw materials to sourcing a properly trained workforce and appropriately constructed work spaces, our expertise lies in supporting your business and our local communities.

Business Services
Community Services

Every development project is incredibly detailed and involves the careful balance and consideration of many moving parts. We partner with a plethora of local boards to better understand the needs of our communities. We work with local government to make sure that the region can support the needs of potential business partners.

We are constantly developing sites to make them shovel-ready for new organizations to move right in and start up at a moment’s notice. We have completed aggressive construction timelines on large industrial projects and aim to over-deliver on your project timeline. 

The unique energy needs of data centers, food processing, manufacturing and biotech, make OPPD an ideal partner for these industries.

Company Highlights

  • Operating since 1946
  • Publicly owned, governed by elected board
  • Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska
  • Serves 849,000 people in 13 counties
  • 5,000 square mile service territory
  • 12th-largest public power utility in the U.S. per number of customers
  • Generating capability of 2,691.5 megawatts (MW)
  • System peak load of 2,384.0 MW