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OPPDconnect FAQ
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OPPDconnect FAQ

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What is the difference between OPPDconnect apps and using my browser to open

OPPDconnect is a condensed version of OPPD's website containing the most used features including:

  • Report home and street light outages
  • View the outage map and access the Storm & Outage Center
  • Make a payment
  • View the latest job postings
  • Read OPPDCares tweets and stories on The Wire
  • Watch energy-efficiency videos and access residential products and services information
  • Contact OPPD by phone or find an office location on a map
  • Provide feedback through OPPD Listens

Opening through a web browser will allow you to view the full website.

Can I pay my electric bill through OPPDconnect?

Yes; click on Pay My Bill on the home page to make a payment. You can also pay your OPPD bill at, or call our automated phone system, 402-536-4131.

How can I provide feedback to OPPD on the OPPDconnect apps?

OPPD values your opinions. Email us at OPPDconnect with your comments and suggestions on the functionality you would like to see in future releases.

Can I order a product or service through OPPDconnect?

Not all products are available to order online; however, each product page contains a link to where you can get more information on the product, and if an online form is available, you can order at that time.

I'm experiencing a network connectivity issue with Can OPPD do something about it?

No, if you are experiencing network connectivity issues, contact your mobile carrier.

Can I sign up to follow OPPDcares on Twitter from OPPDconnect?

If you select one of the tweets, you will be taken to where you can sign in using your Twitter account information and follow OPPDcares on Twitter.

I have a two-to-three year old smartphone. Can I use OPPDconnect?

It will depend on your operating system version. OPPDconnect is designed to run on Android 2.2 or higher, and on iPhone using iOS 7.0 or higher.

The Google Play Store will only show the OPPDconnect application if your device is running Android 2.2 or higher.

Customers can update their iPhone device by going to iTunes and downloading the latest Apple version. If you don't know which version you are using, iTunes will be able to identify that once you connect.

Does OPPDconnect work in landscape mode?

Yes, for the Android version. It can only be viewed in portrait mode for the iPhone version. Landscape viewing will be added in a future release.

Is OPPDconnect available for smartphones other than Apple and Android?

OPPDconnect apps are only available for download on Apple and Android devices. However; you can access the full website by using your browser and typing in from most smartphones.

What number should I type in the text box when reporting a home power outage?

The phone number associated with your OPPD electric service account must be used to validate account information. To confirm the phone number associated with the account, please refer to the service phone number displayed on the right side of the bill stub.

Does OPPDconnect auto-populate my home or current location information?

If the phone number provided matches the number associated with the electric service account, the house number (not the street name) will be displayed for confirmation. To find the phone number associated with the account, refer to the service phone number displayed on the right side of the bill stub.

During a power outage, will OPPDconnect give restoration times?

No, customers can get the latest storm information by following us on Twitter at @OPPDstorm and @OPPDcares, OPPD's Facebook page, or our information blog at Storm & Outage Center.

What does the "i" in a shaded circle located at the bottom right on the outage map screen mean?

This a toggle. Tapping the icon will display a screen that allows you to view the outages by either number of customers or by a percentage.

If I report a streetlight outage, how long before someone acts?

OPPD will send field personnel to investigate and repair a customer-reported outage within 14 days. If there is more extensive repair work needed, the repair period may be extended.

Why doesn't the streetlight map on OPPDconnect apps match the actual streetlight positions?

OPPD uses a Google map and overlays an internal map to determine streetlight positions. Some of the roads may be off slightly, just like they can be on a GPS unit. Use an approximate position when you are reporting a streetlight out. You can also use the notes section of the outage form to be more specific or to take a picture of the streetlight, if your device has the capability.

Why can't I see the streetlights on the streetlight reporting map on the OPPDconnect apps?

The outage map needs to be enlarged in order to view the individual streetlights. Keep zooming in until you see yellow push pins representing streetlights.

How do I report the location of the streetlight without the streetlight map?

Use the "notes" section of the outage form to give an approximate location of the streetlight out. You may also take a photo of the streetlight if your device has the capability.

Can I store streetlight outage information in OPPDconnect if Wi-Fi service is not available and submit later when Wi-Fi is available?

No, information cannot be stored or submitted with out Wi-Fi or cellular service. A data connection is also required to load the map and the streetlight locations.

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You may also send questions or report an error via our online form, to OPPDconnect.