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Energy Monitoring
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Energy Monitoring

An energy information system is a valuable tool to building owners and managers.

This system displays the energy profiles for electricity, gas, water, steam and individual process loads. By integrating energy information data into the daily operation of your facility, your building will be optimized for comfort and energy efficiency.

OPPD's energy information team will provide you with a customized turnkey solution including installation, system commissioning, verification and training.

System Features

  • Internet reporting
  • Data intervals in real time or next day reporting
  • Peak demand details
  • Utility usage profiles
  • Historical profile analysis
  • Aggregation of multiple meters
  • Benchmarking of facilities
  • Allocation of sub-metered utilities
  • Generation of utility bills


To contact the OPPD Energy Information Team for a review of your facility and your goals for energy monitoring, please call 531-226-3565 or email