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Committee Meeting Agendas
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Committee Meeting Agendas

The next committee meetings are Tuesday, Feb. 14 and will be held via Webex audio/video conference at 10 a.m. Closed session begins at 9 a.m. Public is welcome to join at 10 a.m.

See Webex instructions below to view online, or public may view Webex at Conference Room A of Energy Plaza, 444 S. 16th St., Omaha NE. 

Public cannot comment during committee meeting. If you wish to address the Board of Directors, please attend the Board meeting on Thursday in person or via Webex.

February Meeting - Webex Instructions (pending)

When it’s time to join, use this link:

If you experience difficulty entering the meeting, visit and use the information below to join:
     ~ Event Number: 2451 270 8066
     ~ Event Password: Jan2023 

When joining, you will be prompted for your name and email. This information is only used to identify you as an attendee. If you do not wish to identify yourself, please use the following:
     ~ First Name: Public
     ~ Last Name: Attendee
     ~ Email:
How to enable automated closed captions

If you want to join the meeting via Telephone only:
     ~ Toll Free: 1-844-621-3956
     ~ Access Code: 245 127 08066
     ~ Event Password: 5262023
     ~ Press # to continue without an attendee ID

If you have trouble joining the WebEx Event, please visit the WebEx Help Center:

How to use WebEx for Public Attendees

Committee meetings for Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2023
Updated Jan. 16, 2023

Committee Meeting Package

Public Session

Governance Committee

Director: Bogner

Reporting Item(s)

  1. Governance Chair Report (1/12/2023) - Moody (5 minutes)

Action Item(s)

  1. Election of Board Officers - Bogner (5 minutes)
  2. Board Standing Committee Assignments - Bogner (5 minutes)

Finance Committee

Director: Spurgeon

Reporting Item(s)

  1. Finance Chair Report - Spurgeon (5 minutes)

System Management & Nuclear Oversight Committee

Director: Moody

Reporting Item(s)

  1. SM&NO Chair Report (1/4/2023) - Williams (5 minutes)

Action Item(s)

  1. Substation Foundation, Ductlines and Miscellaneous Work - Via (5 minutes)
  2. Substation Steel Structures - Via (5 minutes)

Public Information Committee

Director: Howard

Reporting Item(s)

  1. Public Information Chair Report (1/10/2023) - Mollhoff (5 minutes)
  2. Legislative and Regulatory Update - Olson (30 minutes)
  3. North Omaha Engagement Update - Olson (10 minutes)

Other Business

Action Item(s)

  1. Confirmation of Board Meeting Agenda - Bogner (5 minutes)

Discussion Item(s)

  1. Review of Board Work Plan - Bogner (5 minutes)

Reporting Item(s)

  1. Power with Purpose: Solar, Natural Gas and Transmission Update - Via/Underwood (15 minutes)