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Underground Cable Replacement
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Underground Cable Replacement

Projects in Progress

To keep your service reliable, OPPD has contracted with Nielsen Construction Co. and Central States Contactors Inc. to replace underground services and equipment in your neighborhood. Project work may last up to 3 months, barring weather or other unavoidable delays. 

Rolling Meadows Project Map     181 Plaza Project Map     Christian Acres Project Map     Murphy's Acres Project Map     Shelter Hills Project map     Lion's Head Apartments Project map     Lake Cunningham Project map     New Horizons Project Map     Project at S 150TH & F ST in Meadowbrook Estates starts in January 2023. Click here to learn more.     Oakbrook Meadows Project Map     Southampton Project map     Harvey Oaks project map     Summerwood project map     Leawood South project map                              


Recently Completed Projects

The Summit Apartments Project Map - Completed     Turtle Creek Project Map - Completed     Candlewood Project Map     Thomas Woods Projected completed     Stonybrook Project completed     Center Park Project completed     Stonybrook Project completed     Hidden Ridge Project Map     The Meadows Project Map     Eden West Apartments Project Map     Regency Project Map     Overland Hills Project Map     Gretna Project Map     Grenada Apartments Project map     Center Park 2 Project Map     Camelot Village Apartments Project map     Greenfields Project map     Sarpy Heights project complete Dec. 2022     Armbrust Acres 2 project completed Dec. 2022     Armbrust Acres 1 project completed Dec. 2022     Armbrust Acres 3 project completed Dec. 2022     Crosskey Village project map     Le Beau Project map     Stonybrook South project map     Fountain Hills project map     Meadowview Project Completed Aug. 2022     Golden Hills project map