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Electric Usage Calculator

Electric Usage Calculator

How much does this cost on my utility bill?

Appliances and electronic devices can be expensive to buy, but using them also comes at a price – in the form of energy output. For ways to conserve energy and save on electric bills while using any of these items, please go to the Energy-Savings Floor Plan or Energy-Efficiency Tips page.

Get amped about saving electricity!

All items that use electricity have values: amps (A), volts (V) and watts (W). Using that information, you can determine just how much an item will add to your electric bill to operate. An example label from a computer monitor is shown on the right. (Please note: the range of “100-240V” is due to the screen being in sleep/energy saver mode or in use, respectively).

To find wattage the formula is

amps (A) x volts (V) = watts (W)

Is it energy efficient?

Use this Energy Usage Calculator to see just how much a specific appliance or device costs to operate. If you are unsure, look for the examples of average watt requirements below the calculator.

Energy Usage Calculator

Commonly Used Items (average watt displayed)

Energy Usage FAQs