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HVAC Smart Rebates - Multi-Family
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HVAC Smart Rebates - Multi-Family

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Minimize Upkeep. Sell Easier. Save More.

An updated HVAC system makes a great selling point when trying to sell or lease your property. For rentals, a more reliable system reduces overhead from repairs.

So when it's time to upgrade your HVAC(s), work with OPPD to help keep costs down.

If your properties have HVACs that are 10 years or older or have a SEER below 15, it's time to upgrade. When you do, OPPD can help you save up to $175 per unit. Here are 10 Tips for hiring HVAC services from ENERGY STAR®.

Here's how it works:

1) Contact your heating and cooling contractor to help you get pre-approval from OPPD.2) Install the A/C or heat pump, 15 SEER (10 EER for packaged units) or higher.3) You'll get your rebate in six weeks or less!

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Rebate Amounts:

$125 - 15 SEER
$175 - 16+ SEER
$100 - 10+ EER (single-packaged units, includes geothermal units)

Typically, your heating and cooling contractor will submit the OPPD rebate application and supporting documents on your behalf. If you choose to apply yourself, the following documents should accompany the application.

Rebate Requirements:

  • Projects must be pre-approved with an OPPD Agreement signed by the developer or authorized agent
  • Rebates paid on installation of AC or heat pump systems, 15 SEER (10 EER for packaged units) or higher according to the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI)
  • Multi-family units must be individually metered
  • Lower winter rate for qualifying heat pump systems, 14 SEER (9 EER for packaged units). See Residential Conservation Rate 115

Rebate Documents:

  • Electronic copy of AHRI Certificate(s)
  • Electronic copy of paid invoice from HVAC Contractor
  • Email ALL documents with completed application to  

Click here to download application

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Many answers to questions regarding air conditioner and heat pump rebates may be found in the HVACSmart FAQs.
Still have questions? Email or call 402-536-4131. 

Program rules and details are subject to change without notice.