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OPPD Culture
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OPPD Culture

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There are many ways employees shape the culture at OPPD. 

An inclusive environment creates opportunities for all employees to realize their unique potential; where an employee is welcome, respected, supported, valued and encouraged to bring their whole self to work. OPPD has programs that benefit the employee as well as the organization by providing opportunities for both personal and professional growth and development.

Careers in Energy

Get Into Energy Nebraska LogoCareers in Energy is an annual event sponsored by the Center for Energy Workforce Development meant to highlight the different careers found in the energy industry. This event is held in October each year to connect middle and high school students to educational institutions and energy companies that highlight energy-related work. 

Energy and Educational Partners:
  • Nebraska Energy Workforce Consortium
  • Nebraska Public Power District
  • Metropolitan Utilities District
  • Lincoln Electric System
  • Northwest Energy
  • Southeast Community College
  • Metropolitan Community College
  • Doane University
  • University of Nebraska
  • Lincoln College of Engineering
  • Northeast Community College

Legacy Iᶟ Model

The Legacy Iᶟ Model began in 2017 with the intention of bringing young and diverse talent into the organization. The program has its own two-year curriculum working with high school juniors and seniors across the Omaha community and beyond. After meeting all of the requirements of the program, a student may have an opportunity to work as a summer intern at OPPD or with one of OPPD's Employer Partners. Learn more about the Legacy program at

Signature Programs

OPPD has been leading the way in personal development, training, and discussions focused on diversity and inclusion. The following Signature Programs offer employees ways to join the movement.

The Gatherings

The Gatherings began in the fall of 2018 to enhance the experiences of Professionals of Color and Professional Women in cohorts for personal and professional growth. Learn more about The Gathering at


This program was brought to Omaha in 2019 and was established to educate and connect upper and middle management from various community employers. Learn more about LeadDIVERSITY at

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and Communities of Practice (CoP)

ERGs and CoP exist to increase employee engagement and opportunities for personal and professional growth. ERGs consist of employees who have similarities based on shared characteristics, life experiences and interests. They are focused on providing support, enhancing career development, and contributing to personal development in the work environment. CoPs are groups of employees who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Empowering Working Families (EWF): Focuses on providing employees with an inclusive network where community support and caregiver resources are available and employees are celebrated. 

Latino Society of OPPD (LSO): Focuses on creating a sense of community for the under-represented Latino population of employees at OPPD while cultivating the value of Latino talent and increasing OPPD's visibility in South Omaha. 

OPPD African American Network (AAN): Focuses on improving OPPD’s corporate-wide decision-making process by spreading the value of diversity to our employees. This includes increasing retention by mentoring and fostering inclusion and diversity with current and new employees.

OPPD Global Connections (GC): Focuses on the spirit of appreciation and acceptance of the unique, multicultural talents that are present at OPPD while raising awareness of the challenges that immigrants must overcome as they relocate to the United States.

OPPD Pride (Pride): Focuses on creating an inclusive, safe, and accepting community for our current and future LGBTQIA+ employees while promoting Partnering with Respect for Individuality, Diversity, and Equality.

OPPD Veterans Network (OVN): Focuses on empowering veterans of America’s armed forces to lead OPPD and serve its customer-owners with honor, passion and proficiency.

OPPD Women's Network (OWN): Focuses on developing, supporting, and the advancement of talented women at OPPD while inspiring members to achieve their personal and professional goals. 

Young Professionals Group (YPG): Focuses on helping employees starting their professional careers, who are looking for networking and development opportunities while promoting personal growth for all. There is no age limit.


Communities of Practice (CoP)

OPPD Data (Data Analytics & Technologies Alliance): OPPD DATA is comprised of data-driven employees across the district and focuses on consulting with the data community to improve decisions, while building capability within our workforce around strategic data practices. 

OPPD Society of Engineers (OSE): Focuses on a shared knowledge around engineering as a prestigious career. Members may be asked to discuss and present to the community through tours and speaking engagements. 

OPPD Toastmasters Club (Toastmasters): Focuses on teaching public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs. Members give presentations, practice impromptu speaking and provide feedback to each other in a relaxed and friendly environment. 

Project Management Community (PMC): Focuses on fostering a project management culture that embraces best practices and enables project leaders to deliver maximum value for our customer owners. Through shared resources, your projects, initiatives, or work efforts will have a better chance of success. 


For answers to questions regarding diversity, equity and inclusion, contact, or call 531-226-3505.