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The Gatherings
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The Gatherings

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Personal and professional development for women & diverse team members.

As part of OPPD’s leadership commitment to diversity and inclusion, OPPD is fully committed to valuing and supporting all aspects of the employee's growth and progress through their careers. 

About the Gatherings

The Gatherings began in 2018 and focuses on the development of OPPD's women and ethnically diverse professional team members. Participants in this program have significant opportunities to enhance their self-awareness and remove any emotional or experiential barriers that may be holding them back from reaching their full potential. It is an immersive experience during which participants pursue self-exploration, supportive team development and professional development.

Employees spend quality time focusing purely on their own professional journeys. After completion, employees emerge more self-aware and have a strong community bond within their cohort from which they can refer back to for guidance and support. 

Contact Information

For more information about the Gatherings, email, or call 531-226-3505.