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Renewable Energy Credits
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Renewable Energy Credits

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Renewable Energy Credits


At OPPD, we believe in the power of choice. Your choice to make a positive impact on the environment, offset your carbon footprint, and embrace a sustainable future begins with Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).


How does it work?

The Renewable Energy Credit (REC) program allows you to offset your carbon footprint by assigning the rights to renewable energy to your business. Since the electricity customers receive through OPPD is co-mingled, customers whose account is managed by a Senior Account Executive can purchase RECs along with their electricity. RECs allow the “renewable” aspects of renewable energy to be claimed by the end user who purchases them. In other words, RECs, paired with the purchased and consumed electricity from the grid, are renewable energy generated on your behalf.

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How to Participate

OPPD customers whose account is managed by a Senior Account Executive can be 100% renewable in 2024 for about 1/3rd of a penny per kilowatt-hour ($3.34 per megawatt-hour)! Customers should reach out to their Senior Account Executive to begin the enrollment process.


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Why RECs Matter

RECs are the accepted legal method for substantiating renewable energy use claims. They provide certified proof that you are receiving renewable energy without requiring you to install a renewable generation system at your business. In effect, RECs are a tracking system for renewable energy.

Your Energy Partner

Choosing OPPD and RECs means partnering with us to offset your carbon footprint. Our collaboration empowers your business to make impactful environmental strides while ensuring cost-efficient operations.

Discover how OPPD can be your ultimate energy partner by helping you achieve your sustainability goals.       



Check out the FAQs below. If you still have questions, please contact your Senior Account Executive. See Terms and Conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Renewable Energy Credit (REC)?

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) are one way in which renewable energy is purchased and tracked. One REC equals one megawatt-hour (1,000 kilowatt hours) of renewable energy. When renewable energy is produced, it includes two components; the kilowatt-hours of energy produced and the environmental attributes of the energy – the “claim” of renewable energy. RECs represent the attributes of energy produced from a renewable generation facility. Click here to learn more about RECs.

Where does the renewable energy originate?

The RECs are sourced from the wind generators OPPD receives energy from through power purchase agreements. A complete list of renewable resources can be found in the OPPD Service Area Map. OPPD may secure RECs from other sources if the demand for this program exceeds the number of RECs supplied by owned or contracted resources.

Who is eligible to participate?

Currently, only customers whose accounts are managed by an OPPD Senior Account Executive are eligible to participate in this program. Most of OPPD’s large Commercial and Industrial customers are assigned a Senior Account Executive. Click here to see a list of Senior Account Executives and their respective areas of expertise.

Can Residential and Small/Mid-Size Business customers participate in the program?

OPPD is rolling the program out in phases focusing on a small number of large customers first. If you are a Residential or Small/Mid-Size Business customer and are interested in participating in this program, please click here to let us know. Check out our Greener Together Program if you are interested in supporting sustainability in your community.

What are my enrollment options?

Customers can choose to match 10%-100% of their monthly energy usage in 10% increments. OPPD will then publicly retire a REC on your behalf for each megawatt-hour (1,000 kilowatt-hours) of usage you choose to match with renewable energy.

How will I be billed?

REC program charges are added to customers’ monthly bill. The monthly charge is based on your energy usage, the chosen energy usage match percentage, and the price of the RECs as determined by OPPD.

Is there a long-term commitment?

Participants are billed month-to-month and can leave the program at any time.

How much does it cost to participate?

The current cost is $0.00334 per kilowatt-hour ($3.34 per megawatt-hour). The amount you pay each month will depend on how much energy your business uses and the portion of your usage that you choose to have matched. Your Senior Account Executive will work with you to determine an estimated cost of participating in this program.

Is the renewable energy supplied directly to my business?

No. Energy from renewable generation facilities flows into the grid where it mixes with energy from traditional power plants making it impossible to track where the energy powering your business originated. OPPD will instead retire a REC on your behalf for each megawatt-hour (1,000 kilowatt-hours) of usage you choose to match with renewable energy.

How are the revenues from the Renewable Energy Credit program used?

Funds will be used to support projects that are dedicated to carbon reduction at OPPD facilities.

Will the cost change over time?

OPPD will review the price annually to determine if the value of the RECs has changed. OPPD determines the REC price based on market indicators and value added by specific attributes offered through this program. OPPD may be required to alter the price mid-year in cases of extenuating circumstances. Customers will be notified and can opt-out of the program in advance of any price changes.

How will the RECs be delivered to me?

Participants in the REC program will not receive a physical copy of the RECs purchased. OPPD will instead retire the RECs in a REC registry on your behalf annually. RECs sold under this program will be generated in the same calendar year the energy is consumed but may not be generated in the same month the energy is consumed.

Will I receive any documentation for the RECs I purchase?

Participants will receive documentation on the number of RECs retired by OPPD on their behalf.