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Community Solar Calculator
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Community Solar Calculator

Two Ways to Determine Your Level of Participation:

  1. I want to add a specific dollar amount to my bill.
    Each share is $1.36 and represents 100 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity. You choose the number of shares to add to your bill.
    EXAMPLE: I want to add 9 shares of solar to my bill. The formula is 9 x $1.36, or $12.24 added to your bill.

  2. I want to purchase a percentage of my home's average monthly usage.
    Find your average bill amount/kWh usage in column 1 of the chart below. Choose the percentage of solar power you want to purchase. 
    EXAMPLE: $140 bill with 50% solar equals 7 shares and adds $9.52 to your bill. 

Solar Calculator Chart


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