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Standard Residential Bill
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Standard Residential Bill


Below is a sample of a Standard Residential Bill Statement. Move your cursor over the bill for explanations

Account Information
Account Number
Unique 10-digit number assigned to identify your account.
Due Date
Date by which your bill must be paid to avoid late payment charges.
Total Amount Due
Total amount owed to OPPD for this bill period.
Customer Name
Name of customer responsible for this account.
Statement Date
Date on which your bill was created.
Customer Service

OPPD Customer Service contact information for your calling area. Toll-free 1-877-536-4131 is available if outside the Omaha area. Contact us for information about your account or any of our programs or services during the business hours shown below.

Mon-Fri:7 a.m.–8 p.m.

Meter Information
Service Address
Location (service address) where electric service is provided.
OPPD rate that applies to the Service Address.
Billing Period
Date of billing period start (From) and end (To) during this service period.
Meter Number
Number on the physical meter at your Service Address.
Meter Reading
Number of kilowatt-hours recorded on your meter during this service period. Your previous meter reading and present meter reading are shown.
Your electric usage during this service period.
Used to calculate actual usage for meters that register only a portion of kilowatt-hours used. Normally shown on face of meter.
Your electric usage, which indicates kilowatt-hours (kWh) used during this service period.
Your Electric Usage Profile

Quick summary of your electric usage during this service period and comparison between current year and the previous if it is applicable.

Billing Days
Number of days during the service period for the current and previous year.
kWh Use
Number of kilowatt-hours used during the service period for the current and previous year.
Avg. kWh per day
Daily average number of kilowatt-hours used during the service period for the current and previous year.
Avg. Temp
Average temperature comes from a weather service for high and low during the service period for the current and previous year.
Average daily electric cost
Your average daily electric usage cost during this service period.
It provides a comparison of your daily average kilowatt-hour use during the billing periods for the last two years, if available.
Billing Information
Monthly Service Charge
A fixed amount for customers to have electric service, that is billed each month, no matter how much energy is used. The amount covers items like customer service, metering, and the infrastructure that connects a customer to the electric grid.
Activation Charge
A one-time amount for all customers who start electric service and is only included on the customer’s first monthly bill.
Demand Revenue
Charge is only applicable to demand-metered services.
kWh Use
Your electric usage charge during this service period.
Fuel and Purchased Power Adjustment (FPPA)
The FPPA recovers fuel and purchased power costs above or below the Fuel and Purchased Power Base Rate (defined in Rate Schedule 461). OPPD will calculate the FPPA prior to the start of each year and apply this charge to the number of kilowatt-hours used each month.
Product & Service
Total amount of product and/or services (e.g. Surge Guard charges) billed during this service period.
Total amount of adjustments (e.g. account service charges, late payment charges) posted to your account during this service period.
Sales Tax
The State of Nebraska and many communities in OPPD's service area collect a tax on the purchase of goods and services. This sales tax is added to electric service bills each month when applicable.
Total Charges
Total charges for the account during this service period.
Previous Balance
Amount due on your previous bill.
Payments Received
Date and payment amount received by OPPD since your previous bill. Payments received after this Statement Date are not included.
Late Payment Charge
Late Payment Charge assessed since your last bill, if applicable.
Total Amount Due
Total amount owed to OPPD for this bill period.
Prior Account Status
If you are on the Level Payment Plan, this reflects the actual account balance from your previous bill.
Current Account Status
If you are on the Level Payment Plan, this reflects the actual account balance as of the Statement Date. this is the amount your owe OPPD if you are no longer on the Level Payment Plan.
Late Payment Charge
Potential late payment charge applies to your account if payment is not received by the Due Date.

Used to communicate important account billing information.

If you are on Automatic Bill Payment Plan...
Date when your amount due will be withdrawn from your financial institution.
If you are on Level Payment Plan...
Your Level Payment information is available. OPPD reviews your Monthly Level Payment Amount periodically. If your usage increases significantly, we may increase your level payment amount before the end of the 12 months. If that happens a notification message will be displayed.
Monthly Level Payment Amount
Amount is calculated based on your previous year electric usage history.
Pay This Amount
Amount owed to OPPD before the Due Date.
No Payment Due
If you have prepaid the Level Payment Amount, you are not required to make a payment.
Payment Stub

If paying by mail, return this portion of the bill along with your payment. Write the amount you are paying in the boxes provided after Amount Paid, and make certain the OPPD address shows through the return envelope window.

Energy Assistance
To donate, mark the appropriate box on your bill and add your contribution to your payment. You can also pledge any dollar amount to be automatically included in your bill each month. Click here to sign-up.
Update your record
If your name, mailing address, phone number or email address has changed, please check the box and update your information on the back of the statement.

Used to communicate important information from OPPD.