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Senior Management Team

Senior Management Team

Burke 2017
President &
Chief Executive Officer

Timothy J. Burke
Fernandez 2017
Vice President &
Chief Financial Officer

L. Javier Fernandez
Brown 2018
Vice President &
Chief Information Officer
Kate W. Brown
Comstock 2017
Vice President
Customer Service
Juli A. Comstock
Fisher 2017
Vice President
Energy Production &
Nuclear Decommissioning

Mary J. Fisher
Olson 2017
Vice President
Public Affairs
Lisa A. Olson
Sedky 2017
Vice President
Human Capital &
Assistant Secretary

Martha L. Sedky
Via 2018
Vice President
Energy Delivery
Troy R. Via
Focht 2017
Senior Director
Corporate Strategy 
& Governance

Scott M. Focht

Senior Director
Safety & Technical Training
Kevin McCormick

Contact Information
To contact OPPD's Senior Managers, please use our Contact Board Members and Senior Managers form or call 531-226-3200.